Unlocking Life

Come and get to know yourself, others and God better

What will you do at the event?

Hang out

Over coffee, snacks, sport or sauna – get to meet other students and young adults from all over the world!


Listen in to our speakers as they share their take on the big questions of life and faith

Either with responses to the talk, or to share your thoughts, or even just to hear others’ stories

Event Schedule

Daytime Events

14.00–17.00   After school café
(snacks, drinks and board games)

14.30–15.00   Café talk and Q&A

15.00–17.00   Sports and games

16.00–18.00   Sauna

Evening Events

18.00–19.00   Evening snacks

19.00–21.00   Evening talk,
music, discussion time and Q&A

21.00–22.00   Hangout and fellowship time

This is an international student and young adults event with no admission fee, so just come as you are!


Volker Roggenkamp

General secretary of SMD, a Germany-based network of Christians in high schools and universities. He loves to have discussions with students and young adults about the Christian faith!

Rosie O’Donnell

UK-based charity worker with a law degree and theology degree. She loves to encourage students and young adults to look at the authentic Jesus and reexamine their biases!

Topics for each day

April 15th

Topic of the day:
How stupid do you have to be to believe in God?

No café talk

Evening talk 19.30-20.00:
How stupid do you have to be to believe in God? (Volker)

April 16th

Topic of the day:
Where is God in the midst of despair?

Café talk 14.30-15.00:
Surviving the university years: Coping with stress and pressure (Volker)

Evening talk 19.30-20.00:
Form wars to global warming: Can human beings solve the problems they’ve created? (Rosie)

April 17th

Topic of the day:
Christianity vs other religions – which one is true?

Café talk 14.30-15.00:
Is there more to faith than a spiritual experience? (Rosie)

Evening talk 19.30-20.00:
Challenge intolerance: What kind of God allows only one way? (Volker)


April 18th

Topic of the day:
Is there hope in an unjust world?

Café talk 14.30-15.00:
Justice vs corruption:
Who will win? (Rosie)

Evening talk 19.30-20.00:
What is our ultimate destination? About heaven, hell, death and eternity (Volker)


April 19th

Topic of the day:
What is the purpose of my life?

Café talk 14.30-15.00:
Why? About the meaning of life (Volker)

Evening talk 19.30-20.00:
Is Jesus really for someone like me? (Rosie)